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WHO Fabric Protector

WHO Fabric Protector

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Repel liquids protecting your furniture from stains from food, drinks and more!

  • Protects without changing the color or texture of your fabrics.
  • Invisible protection against water-based, oil-based and dust stains.
  • The fabric continues to breathe since it does not form a plastic layer and the pore of the fabric is still open.
  • Save time and money on cleaning.
  • Spills are picked up before they become stains.
  • It can be applied to any type of fabric, including silk.

Instructions for use

  1. Use the product in well ventilated areas to prevent accumulation of vapors.
  2. Apply it on new, clean or recently washed fabrics, in case of stains, remove them before application.
  3. Shake the content.
  4. Turn the atomizer position to Spray/On position.
  5. Test color fastness on hidden area of ​​furniture until damp, wipe with white cloth, if color transfers do not use.
  6. Spray the product and hold the atomizer 15-20 cm from the fabric.
  7. Two light applications are better than one thick one. In case of splashing this product on wood, micas, or plastics, clean with a semi-dry cloth.
  8. If the pieces to be applied are loose (example: cushions, pillows, etc.) it is important that they dry separately since the fabric can be mapped.
  9. The content of this container protects the upholstery of 2 love seats, a King Size mattress or a medium car (12 to 15 m2 approx.)
  10. It is recommended to apply once a year or after each cleaning to maintain protection (duration may vary depending on use and/or maintenance).


  • This product is flammable, so at the time of application and while the upholstery has not dried, it should not be near sources of heat or ignition.
  • For the application of this product it is necessary to use safety equipment such as solvent mask, gloves, safety clothing. glasses etc
  • Keep out of the reach of children and keep children, allergic or pregnant people and pets away from the product applied, until it is completely dry.
  • The curing time on the fabric is achieved in 8 hours.
  • Do not store at temperatures above 49°C (129°F).
  • Wash your hands after application.
  • The information contained on this label is based on our best opinion of the proper use and handling of the product under normal conditions, any use of the product that is not in accordance with the information contained on the label or in combination with any other product or process is the responsibility of the user.
  • Do not use in small and/or closed spaces.
  • If used indoors, wait 2 hours before applying another container.
  • Do not apply more than 3 containers in a single day.
  • Do not use a compressor to apply this product since the way it is dispensed can cause respiratory problems.

Cleaning Recommendations

  • If the stain is dry, remove it with a dry and absorbent cloth.
  • Only clean the affected area and do not spread the stain.
  • When cleaning, do not use detergents or solvent-based cleaners.
  • Once the protector is applied, it is recommended to vacuum and clean your furniture constantly to avoid percussion and help keep it always clean.
  • Avoid placing newspaper or magazines on the treated fabric as the ink can leave permanent stains on the upholstery.
  • The protector wraps the fiber but does not seal the pore, so open-weave or pile fabrics can absorb liquids, in this case, press a dry towel on the stained area, the function of the protector is to remove the stains, not to leave them above the cloth.

First aid

  • Eye Contact: Flush eyes with plenty of water and seek immediate medical attention.
  • Skin Contact: Wash with plenty of water, if irritation persists seek medical attention.
  • Ingestion: Swallow large amounts of water, do not induce vomiting, seek immediate medical attention.
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