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Anti-mite 730 ml

Anti-mite 730 ml

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Incluye IVA



Eliminates and protects from mites and larvae that cause allergies.

Keep your environment mite free.

Active environmentally friendly formula that not only kills the mite, but also destroys its larvae, eggs and mold, which is an important food source for the mite.


1. Shake the content.

2. Use only on colorfast materials.

3. Turn the atomizer tip to SPRAY/ON.

4. Ventilate the area.

5. Evenly spray the surface at 15 cm.

6. Let the surface ventilate


- Keep out of children reach.

- Do not apply it directly to any part of the human body, or to pets, avoid direct and prolonged contact in newly applied areas, upholstery and clothing, use until completely dry.

- Use undiluted. Do not spray on water sensitive fabrics (dry clean).

- Keep it in a cool place.

- Do not use it directly or near food or the utensils we use in the kitchen.

- It should not be stored at freezing temperatures or over 50°C.

- Little flammable.

- Possible eye irritation and skin sensitivity upon direct contact with the liquid.


- Eye contact: Open eyes wide and rinse with water for at least 15 minutes (remove contact lenses). If discomfort persists seek medical attention.

- Contact with the skin: Wash the affected part with soap and water, if the discomfort persists, seek medical attention.

- Ingestion: Rinse mouth and seek medical attention. Do not induce vomiting.

- Inhalation: Prolonged inhalation may cause dizziness, move to fresh air and seek medical attention if discomfort persists.

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