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Natural Leather Care Kit

Natural Leather Care Kit

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Incluye IVA

Protect your leather products

It includes
  • Leather Soft Cleaner (150mL)
  • Leather Protection Cream (150mL)
  • Cleaning sponge.
  • Soft cloth for cleaning.

Leather Soft Cleaner is a mild, water-based cleaner that can be used on all pigmented and pure aniline leathers. Will remove dirt and most water based stains. Test the cleaner on a hidden area of ​​your sofa before using it.

Leather Protection Cream is a water-based protective cream for all types of leather (except nubuck). Leather Protection Cream protects against oil, water and alcohol stains, as well as everyday dirt and grime. It will also keep your leather beautiful and smooth. When used regularly it prevents pigmented leather from cracking.

We recommend that your leather furniture be cleaned and re-protected at least every six months. Aniline leather sofas placed in rooms subject to heavier use may require more regular and thorough cleaning.

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