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Olympus Power X Pro Spot Machine - With Heater

Olympus Power X Pro Spot Machine - With Heater

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Incluye IVA

High technology in cleaning, it will leave your surfaces like new.

Machine designed to combine versatility with ease of transport. Years of experience, engineering, and planning have gone into the design and manufacturing, resulting in an effective cleaning tool. Ideal for cleaning mattresses, carpets, sofas, furniture, rugs, chairs, and more.


  • Includes electric heater which will provide better results leaving your surfaces like new.
  • Its universal hand tool allows you to cover stairs, narrow spaces, cars, etc. and allows for quick and easy cleaning.

Technical specifications

  • 4 inch wide stainless steel hand tool.
  • 55 psi water pressure pump.
  • 4.8 2-stage vacuum motor produces 76" of water lift for spotting, upholstery cleaning, and touch-ups.
  • The 3 gallon capacity ensures plenty of water to clean multiple pieces of upholstery or multiple locations.
  • Urethane wheels with double ball bearings.
  • Removable handle that allows you to carry the unit by pulling it like a suitcase.
  • 7 foot long 1" diameter vacuum hose.
  • Professional heavy duty stainless steel extraction tool with aluminum valve and high temperature solution hose included.
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